_MG_8466-9_MG_8430-1_MG_8584-7 _MG_8474-3_MG_8586-8 _MG_8521-4 _MG_8547-5On Sunday, we drove out to the Pawnee National Grasslands in Northeastern Colorado. The hike is easy and only around 4 miles round trip however, we detoured by exploring in the clay walled arroyos that skirt the Pawnee Buttes. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been heading into the mountains to catch the last of the Winter snow. Yesterday was nice to be in the more arid landscape reminiscent of New Mexico. We’d like to go back later in the Spring once the desert plants are blooming.

All images are taken with my Canon 5D 

One thought on “Grasslands

  1. These photos are absolutely stunning. This is a landscape unlike any I have ever experienced (we don’t get much in the way of arid landscape in NZ or UK!) but would love to visit, I look forward to the shots of the desert in bloom!

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