Flat Tops Wilderness: Part One

FlatTops-13FlatTops-1FlatTops-2 FlatTops-6 FlatTops-5FlatTops-7 FlatTops-8FlatTops-10FlatTops-12FlatTops-11FlatTops-9Last weekend we headed to the Flat Tops Wilderness in NW Colorado for four days of camping, hiking, fishing and being eaten alive by black flies. The Flat Tops are a unique range of mountains and is home to my now favorite hike, the Devil’s Causeway, a narrow land bridge with a sheer drop off of hundreds of feet on either side. Definitely, not for the faint of heart. I’ll post images of the hike in part two. Our first night, we fished the Bear River, a sweet little patch of meadow fishing below Stillwater Reservoir. I’m growing more confident with fishing and was able to practice my long casts and some roll casting. Fish didn’t take too much the first night, but any time on the river is a good time.


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