Zapata Ranch

zapapta-18zapapta-2zapapta-1zapapta-11 zapapta-3zapapta-4zapapta-15zapapta-7 zapapta-6zapapta-8zapapta-10zapapta-9zapapta-17 On our way to New Mexico this past weekend, we stopped at Zapata Ranch, a dude ranch operation in Southern Colorado that borders the Great Sand Dunes. We finally had the chance to meet, Kate (@kateloveshorses) and Jessie (@owlfaceowlface), who both work on the ranch and have been Instagram friends for the past year. Always a treat to connect with digital pen pals! After we arrived, they saddled the horses and we had the great fortune of riding horseback through Medano Creek and into the dunes right at dusk–hands down one of the most amazing rides I’ve ever had. I was screaming and laughing with delight as we loped full speed through the sand. Later, we made tacos and drank whiskey by the fire.

The last couple of images are from Zapata Falls, just up the road from the ranch, where we hiked in before heading to Santa Fe for the week.

3 thoughts on “Zapata Ranch

  1. Can I be a weirdo and ask what kind of shoes you’re wearing? My hikers will need replacing soon and it’s a beast to find something “quiet” looking, but the look of yours is nice!

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